I am a senior Database engineer and ETL architect currently working for a big Global Forwarding Company in ShangHai(China).

My experience includes designing and programming in Database system like MySQL PostgreSQL, Ruby and Python as well as installing and maintaining server configurations within many environments.

I’m the person who is pretty open-minded and chaty. I am always get along with others no matter what they are in the office or out so people like to talk with me.
I love to share the credit to others because nothing can be done without friends or co-workers.
You could call me Mr. one size fits all.
That means I could pretty quick to fit with any kinds of environment, it feels like a gift.Therefore, I’m confident and keep passion on the job and never scrimshank my responsibilities.

So I can make a big contribution to the company which I work for as much as I could.

说人话 Speak Chinese :

  • ID:  黑涩布朗尼
  • Carrier : 10 years  exp on the DBA position #MySQL #MMSQL #ETL
  • Hobby: Music(percussion instrument) 老师 我三角铁敲得贼6 组不组
  • Skills : Ruby / ROR / Unix / Bash-shell


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