• How do you feel about ads?
  • Do you like advertisements on TV or in magazines?
  • Which kind of advertisements is the most popular in your country?
  • Do you think advertising plays an important role in today’s society? [WHY? /WHY NOT?]
  • Will advertisements trigger shopping desires?

In my view, some ads can be annoying while others are humorous and amusing. On the one hand, during a TB show or movie, ads can be really bothersome and disruptive. However, they could light up my mood if they are delightful and funny.

I don’t often read magazines and most of the ads that I see are on TV. I feel that TV ads are becoming more and more innovative and creative and I sincerely hope to see more fascinating ones in the future.

Based on my experience, ads for cars are the most popular one in my country. Whenever I watch TV or read a magazine, it is common to see ads for vehicles. They usually show the features of the cars and try to persuade consumers to purchase their cars. For instance, an ad for a car designed by Honda is frequently seen on the screen now.

Certainly, advertising plays an essential role in society because it is everywhere. Whenever we look, be it newspapers, magazines, television, the internet or even public transportation, advertisements are there. Additionally, we live in a consumer-based society and people need to purchase goods to keep the economy growing. Therefore, advertising is a way to promote economic development and ensue that there is appropriate competition between firms.

Well, it depends on whether the advertisement is successful or not. I mean successful and creative ads would absolutely attract the customers and viewers to buy their products, thus trigger shopping desires, while mundane ones will do nothing but to distract customers and fail to stimulate desires.


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