A Eco-Sphere lives up to its name. It is an enclosed glass bubble (or other shapes) that has a complete eco-system that works and functions and could survive for up to 2-3 years in average founded by Dan Harmony.

An Ecosphere’s enclosed ecosystem is made of what every ecosystem has: producer, consumer and decomposer. With a light source and room temperature, the organisms inside the Eco-Sphere can go about their daily duties with no conflicts. It is like a self-sustaining miniature world that we could put in our homes or offices.

How an Eco-Sphere is different from a real ecosystem is that the 3 stages of the ecosystem is simplified to the extreme; the producer being the Algea, which produces oxygen from light and CO2; the consumer being the Red Shrimp, or Halocaridina Rubra, that eats the brown bacterial and algal scum on the glass; the decomposer being the Bacteria…

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