The Energy Audit

The energy audit


  • I don’t regularly at least 7-8 hours of sleep and/or I often wake up feeling tired.
  • I frequently skip breakfast , or I settle for something that isn’t particularly healthy.
  • I don’t do cardiovascular training at least three times a week, and strength training ar least twice a week.
  • I don’t take regular breaks during the day to renew and recharge.
  • I often eat lunch at my desk, if i eat lunch at all.



  • I frequently find myself feeling irritable,impatient or anxious as work, especially when demand is high.
  • I don’t have enough time with my family and loved ones,and when I’m with them, I’m not always really with them.
  • I take too little time for the activities that i most deeply enjoy.
  • I rarely stop to express my appreciation to others or to savor and celebrate my accomplishments and blessings.
  • I often feel that my life is just a relentless set of demands I’m expected to meet and tasks I have to complete.



  • I have difficult focusing on one thins at a time and i am easily distracted during the day,especially by email.
  • I spend much of my time reacting to immediate demands rather than focusing on activities with longer-term value and leverage.
  • I don’t take enough time for reflection, strategizing and thinking creatively.
  • I rarely have any time when my mind is quiet and free of thoughts.
  • I often work on evenings and weekends and/or I rarely take an email-free vacation.



  • I don’t feel passionately committed to what I do.
  • I spend too little time at work doing what I do best and enjoy most.
  • There are significant gaps between what i say is important in my life and how i actually live.
  • My decisions at work are often more influenced by external demands than by a strong , clear sense of my own purpose.
  • I don’t invest enough time and energy in making a positive difference to others and/or in the world.


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