Oilve Oil is Low GI Foods

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fat and does not influence directly your blood sugar levels. If consumed as part of a meal though, olive oil, just like any other fat, can delay gastric emptying and helps smooth out your blood sugar response after your meal. Olive oil is also a source of monounsaturated fats, the heart-healthy fats that are prominent in the Mediterranean eating plan. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil can help lower your LDL cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. In addition, olive oil, especially if it is cold-pressed and extra virgin, provides important polyphenols and vitamin E, which act as antioxidants to protect your body against the damages of oxidation.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is purely fat, it doesn’t contain any protein nor carbohydrates. For a food to have its glycemic index measured, it must contain carbohydrates. Because olive oil does not contain any carbohydrates(不包含任何碳水), it is impossible to assign a glycemic index value to this food. The same goes for any other oils or fat, such as canola oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, butter, cream, lard or mayonnaise. However, the fact that olive oil doesn’t have carbohydrates indicates that it won’t raise your blood sugar levels and its glycemic index value can therefore be estimated to be close to zero.

Rush Hour

These notes is to myself.


5月13号到21号 估计全部心思和精力都会在Jeju Island上的旅行。回国之后 估计有多条线路要一起进行。不要一口气做一个事情,傻子才这么玩 能坚持下去都是需要蚕食一样的毅力。


  • useboy Index page design  #1 Day
  • Article collection #1 Day
  • VPS order #Inclined to domestic  b/c : Net Speed
  • Online #1 Day
  • operate with TB # almost 1 week  ($cost plan)
  • 联系LA的商户


Linux Acdemy Course

  • Order #提前知会一下Keith
  • 每天最少一个半天的时间 一定要有记录 尽量用英文
  • 学习大纲  学习顺序
  • 不排除以后 codecademy.com & codeschool的课程

这个是核心内容 必须要完成的 如果有时间 周末也请一定安排进去 这个完成的越早 越好开始湾区之旅

EngLish Course

  • Read book & write sth.
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New blog

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终于有时间是属于自己的了 可已经快接近22点的时间点

我有时候真的很容易陷入自我怀疑的窘境中 窘的是 自己并不想急于逃脱

时间都上哪去了? 在我最需要他们的时候

每一天 新的开始 几乎都是伴随着别人扔过来的任务开始的 不会拒绝 也不能拒绝


这个时候自己 却如此的坚定

仿佛 来的有些迟到了

The Energy Audit

The energy audit


  • I don’t regularly at least 7-8 hours of sleep and/or I often wake up feeling tired.
  • I frequently skip breakfast , or I settle for something that isn’t particularly healthy.
  • I don’t do cardiovascular training at least three times a week, and strength training ar least twice a week.
  • I don’t take regular breaks during the day to renew and recharge.
  • I often eat lunch at my desk, if i eat lunch at all.



  • I frequently find myself feeling irritable,impatient or anxious as work, especially when demand is high.
  • I don’t have enough time with my family and loved ones,and when I’m with them, I’m not always really with them.
  • I take too little time for the activities that i most deeply enjoy.
  • I rarely stop to express my appreciation to others or to savor and celebrate my accomplishments and blessings.
  • I often feel that my life is just a relentless set of demands I’m expected to meet and tasks I have to complete.



  • I have difficult focusing on one thins at a time and i am easily distracted during the day,especially by email.
  • I spend much of my time reacting to immediate demands rather than focusing on activities with longer-term value and leverage.
  • I don’t take enough time for reflection, strategizing and thinking creatively.
  • I rarely have any time when my mind is quiet and free of thoughts.
  • I often work on evenings and weekends and/or I rarely take an email-free vacation.



  • I don’t feel passionately committed to what I do.
  • I spend too little time at work doing what I do best and enjoy most.
  • There are significant gaps between what i say is important in my life and how i actually live.
  • My decisions at work are often more influenced by external demands than by a strong , clear sense of my own purpose.
  • I don’t invest enough time and energy in making a positive difference to others and/or in the world.